With over twenty years of performing experience, I’ve taken the stage across the USA and worldwide, from Japan and Indonesia to Hong Kong and Australia. My passion for music knows no borders.

Whether it’s a bar, lounge, restaurant, or private event, I aim to adapt my live performance to best suit your setting and audience.

Behind the scenes, I run a top-notch home studio where I record, mix, and master all my work, ensuring the highest quality for your enjoyment. 

As the son of Cuban refugees, I was raised in a melting pot of musical influences that continue to inspire my work. My upbringing exposed me to an eclectic range of music genres, serving as a wellspring of creativity.

My path led me to become a U.S. Marine, where I served in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Asia-Pacific. These experiences have left an indelible mark on my songwriting, infusing it with depth and perspective.

My thirst for knowledge and adventure led me to study the Indonesian language and culture in college. Together with my wife, Ana, we embarked on a year-long journey across Southeast Asia. Incredible adventures, from spearfishing to surfing, and the enduring friendships we formed on the islands of Sulawesi, Bali, Java, and Sumatra, remain among the most cherished and meaningful experiences of my life.

I’m a proud father of two beautiful children and I can’t wait for the day when they pick up an instrument and join me for a jam session, carrying forward the love of music to the next generation.